Healthcare technology companies In The World

Healthcare technology companies


WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency is a German Healthcare technology company. It was founded in 1874. There are more than 200 people in this company. The company produces medical equipment and backpacks to suction machines, oxygen systems, portable ventilators, and defibrillators. The company supplies this product not only in Germany but also in more than 120 countries all over the world.

In times of the recent coronavirus effect, the demand for their product has been increased. They are now producing more products for 24 hours every day. To dominate the corona virus this company is very important for supplying their necessary products. Their main products are ventilators and defibrillators, which are very important for corona virus. They designed for use outdoors and during transport. N-iX Company helps the company to expand its development capacities. As a result, they are marketing their main product successfully.


Ventec Life Systems

Ventec Life Systems is a US healthcare technology company. This company is one of the best technology-based in the US. The company is in Bothell, Washington. They produce a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer into one unified respiratory system. In this time of corona virus they are producing more ventilators. They are now supplying more than 10000 critical care ventilators per month with the infrastructure and capability to scale the future. They also develop more than 700 individual parts that are important to build up to 200000 VOCSN.



Onebreath is an Indian company. Basically the company is a Bangalore-based medical device company. The company develops a simple and affordable ventilator. They provide their product for critical areas in emerging countries. Every year more than 50% of pneumonia deaths occur in India. Because of lacking ventilators in hospitals. In this time of Covid-19, more effective, low-cost mechanical ventilators capable of supporting patients in acute respiratory distress in low resource environments even more urgent. The company’s target is to produce 10000 ventilators in six months.



Ao-air is a New Zealand based medical technology company. The company offers a powerful alternative to a traditional face mask. The company’s technology protects form air pollution, airborne pathogens. Their face mask provides up to 50X better protection than the normal mask. They receive more than 1500 online pre-order since January. Due to corona virus their face mask demand has increased. They are looking for investors to set up a manufacturing plant. Their face mask was designed to protect from polluted air at first. But now they are in the process of getting approvals from the government to make it a certified product for helping combat Covid-19.


Sonovia is an Israeli company. They develop anti-pathogen fabric. It is used in producing masks, hazard suits, and hospital apparel to stop the spread of the corona virus. Their ultrasonic fabric- finishing technology has won several prizes in China, recently they are working to raise the necessary funds to scale up and commercialize. Their main target is to bring their life-saving technology to the market.


ThinkResearch is one of the leading healthcare software company. The company was founded in 3006 in Toronto. The company develops knowledge-based tools. Their knowledge-based tools help clinicians deliver the best care to the patient. The company delivers its product usually in Canada, the USA, and European countries. In this corona time, ThinkResearch offers a suite of clinical tools and it can help the virtual care. Physicians can provide a safe virtual visit to patients. Their clinical content library mobilizes best practices and recommendations from Canadian public health agencies, health ministries, and infectious disease experts and helps healthcare organizations implement them. N-iX is a technology partner of ThinkResearch Company.


AMC Health

AMC Health is a New York based medical device company. The company is specialized in virtual healthcare solutions. Recently they announced a new telehealth solution for COVID-19 patients. The company provided interactive surveys and education templates especially to COVID-19 to their clients. The company also include mobile monitoring solution and secure video conferencing.

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